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Zeitraum: Ab März 2019

El Hijo de la Cumbia is one of the most prominent producers of Nu Cumbia ! The fusion of Latin American traditional music with dancehall, urban music and dubstep, for some years has been setting fire to the dance floors of Latin American's capitals.

He is the first Nu Cumbia artist to be signed by an European label ("Freestyle de Ritmos"  Ya Basta!) warming up Europe to a new sound.


His new album Genero Genero is released on Nacional Records.

El Hijo de la Cumbia  live act

Emiliano Gomez, aka ego360 the producer

 Ego 360 is more than just a musician. Heʼs also a well-traveled, musical anthropologist.

From early days performing Cumbia, Reggae, Dub, and Hip-Hop in his native Buenos Aires to working with influential cumbia sonidero groups in Mexico and the USA, El Hijo de la Cumbia has always sought to learn from the world around him.



The Malmo, Sweden-based musician's latest endeavor is the new album GENERO GENERO that spans a decade of research and is his largest undertaking yet.